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5th Wheel RVs vs. Bumper Pull Trailers


One of the great RV/trailer debates revolves around the pros and cons of the 5th wheel vs. the bumper pull. Bumper pull trailers are traditional trailers that are hitched to the back of a pickup truck. 5th wheels are larger trailers that utilize a specific type of hitch installed in the bed of a pickup truck. 5th wheels are often larger, heavier and require a heavy-duty pickup truck to tow it.

5th Wheel RVs vs. Bumper Pull Trailers

Let’s look at both types of recreational vehicle and determine what is right for you.

5th Wheel RVs

5th wheels RVs are the biggest type of recreational vehicle you can buy before getting into motorhome territory. They are stable when towed, offer multi-levels and offer more storage than a trailer.

Bumper Pull Trailers

Bumper pull trailers can range from campers to travel trailers to just about everything in between that can be pulled with a standard hitch. Larger travel trailers can be harder to handle on the road than their smaller counterparts.

5th Wheel vs. Bumper Pull

The two big questions you have to ask yourself when comparing 5th wheel RVs to bumper pull trailers are the following:

  • What do you feel most comfortable towing?
  • How big do you really need your RV to be?

If you’re looking for bigger and better, and can handle the towing of a 5th wheel, that’s the way to go; if you’re looking for something a bit smaller and easier to tow, going with a bumper pull trailer may be the route. It comes down to personal preference and what you feel most comfortable towing. Bumper pull trailers will always be less expensive than 5th wheels because of the size and the towing setup involved.

When it comes down to it, what you want on and off the road has to be taken into consideration. Some don’t feel comfortable with the towing setup and size of a 5th wheel, others feel a trailer is too small. If you’re looking to hit the road more often or full-time, investing in something larger is often the key to enjoyment.

What type of RV or trailer do you own? Share a picture of it in the comments below!