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How to Hang Pictures in a RV or Trailer


When you buy a RV or trailer, even with your custom features, it still needs to feel more like your home away from home. Hanging pictures and wall art in a RV or trailer can bring a more personal touch to the interior and make you feel more comfortable on the road or parked. Here’s how to hang pictures in a RV or trailer.

How to Hang Pictures

The most secure way to hang any wall art or pictures in a RV or trailer is to secure them to the walls with screws. However, for many owners, this isn’t an option. They’re more concerned with damaging the art or pictures than they are with securing them to the wall properly. If you can get over that concern, this is the safest way to ensure the pictures or art stay on the walls during trips.

The first step to screwing wall art or pictures into the wall is to drill holes through the frame. This allows you to use a long screw to actually screw it into the wall. If you shop around, you may even be able to find screws that match the color of your frame so that they blend in and look natural.

Make sure to always screw the art of picture into studs in the wall as opposed to open space, otherwise, it’ll eventually come crashing to the ground when the lack of support gives way.

Another way to secure a picture or art to the wall of a trailer or RV is with Velcro. While this is one of the more recommended ways, it’s not as secure as screwing them into the wall and we’d advise you to consider that method before this one for long-term RV and trailer use.

You’ll want to hang the picture or art like you normally would at home. From there, using Velcro, you can secure it to the wall. If you use standard size art and frames, you can even swap out pictures and art as necessary before or after trips. If the picture or art is too heavy, Velcro will not be able to help keep it in place during travels and this can lead to accidents on the road.

Have any tips for hanging pictures or wall art in a RV or trailer? Share them with Trailer below!